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Outdoor Living

It’s almost impossible to not feel rejuvenation in your soul and be energized for an ambitious endeavor outdoors. Let Cryer Pools and Spas improve your outdoor living.  Experience wonderful mouth-watering food made on your very own Big Green Egg, or enjoy the beauty and comfort of one of our gazebo or pergola kits.  Just another way Cryer Pools enhances your outdoor space and helps bring family and friends together!

Cabanas and Gazebos



A spa cabana from TEMO may be just the product you have been looking for to expand your outdoor living space and create a resort-like look and feel right in your own backyard.learn-more-button



A & B gazebos add to the spa experience by offering protection from the elements, privacy and convenience, setting a new standard for gazebos quality.learn-more-button

American Lovered Roof

white-4-300x300cropped-transparent-alr-logo-copy-121htThe pergola Style Louvered Roof System comes with up to 2’ louver overhang which can be cut in a curve or angle to match hardscape or other designs. Most people find that a trickle of rain water running off each louver is less invasive than the gush of water coming from a guttered patio cover but if a gutter is desired the louvers can overhang the rafter 1” and a seamless gutter can be attached to the bottom of the rafter, sloped, and down spouted at the end.learn-more-button

cropped-transparent-alr-logo-copy-121htEven though a standard rain gutter can be put on the rafter at the end of the sloping louvers that only overhang 1” to catch the water if desired, our Traditional Louvered Roof System comes with a Fascia Style Gutter to achieve the box look when needed. On an attached cover it is a 3 sided fascia gutter and on a free standing cover it is a 4 sided fascia gutter.learn-more-button

egg-family-all7-carriers-trans-1200-1024x769Today’s Big Green Egg is a modern-day evolution of these ancient cookers. Its design is modeled on the clay cooking vessels first seen during the Chinese Qin Dynasty and then used by the Japanese beginning in the 3rd century. Ironically, from the origins of the domed cooker back in the Qin Dynasty, today there are many fake “EGGs” and inferior copy-cat kamado style cookers coming into the USA from China! Caveat emptor.