Effects of Rainfall

//Effects of Rainfall
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Rain Effects on Pool Water

Rain, rain, go away!
You’re not good for my pool today!

This year has been a lot different from the dry summer we all experienced last summer. Please remember that the rain around this area is a form of acid rain and will cause the pH and Alkalinity in your pool water to plummet quickly along with many important levels that your pool requires for preventing algae, protecting pool surface and equipment, as well as ensuring swimmer comfort. Please remember to have your swimming pool water tested & balanced after heavy rain falls and ensure your pool will not require costly treatments and repairs! Come into Cryer Pools and have your water analyzed today! Remember we offer a 12 point computerized water analysis.  We will provide an easy step by step computer printed instruction sheet to ensure you add the correct chemicals in the correct order! So stop in today we look forward to helping you get your pool ready to enjoy the rest of the summer!

Acid Rain Chart

Normal rain at the 5 or 6 pH value is considered almost neutral on the pH scale, therefore negative effects of this rain are not measured. However, when sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides increase acidity, rain can become known as acid rain. Acid rain typically has a pH value of 4, although it has been recorded as being as low as pH2.


Chemicals A Pool May Require After Rainfall Chart

Rain can sometimes affect your pool’s water chemistry. Because rain water can be acidic, it can affect your pool’s pH balance. After a heavy rain, you also have a lot of extra water in the pool that can dilute the chemistry.

If you get some light showers, I wouldn’t worry too much about the pool chemistry. A light rain will have very little effect, if any, on your pool water. However, it wouldn’t hurt to do these checks anyway, if only for good measure.